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School Community Council


School Community Council meetings are held four times per year in the Westvale Library. For the 2020-21 school year, all SCC meetings will be held via ZOOM due to Covid-19.
Check back soon for the date and time of our next meeting. Hope to see you there!

School Community Councils (SCC's) improve educational programs and conditions at public schools. Councils operate using the shared governance approach: collaborative, site-based decision making to meet individual school improvement goals. Every public school in Utah has a community council consisting of two elected groups: parents (that’s you!) and teachers/administrators. 

The Westvale SCC has responsibilities defined both by the Jordan School District and the Utah Legislature. Two of our biggest responsibilities are assisting in the development of School Improvement Plans (SIP's) and LAND Trust Plans. SCC's also work on issues brought forth by parents, staff, and faculty.

How can I get involved with the Westvale SCC?

  • Attend monthly meetings! 
  • Read the minutes posted below! 
  • Become an elected member! 

School Community Council Meetings

We invite you to attend Westvale Elementary SCC meetings to learn about our greatest academic needs, our School Improvement Plan, and help in the decision-making process for using LAND Trust funds. At Westvale we also regularly discuss school safety, budgets, share District news, and talk about other important issues affecting our school. You have a voice and together we can make a positive difference in the education of our children!

Dollar Amount Received Annually

Actual Funding
Actual Funding
Actual Funding
 Current Funding 
Estimated Funding


Learn more about shared governance and the role of councils here:

School Land and Trust -    

Jordan School District School Community Council Resources

Rules of Order:   https://Roberts Rules of Order Handout

Westvale Elementary documents:
2019-2020 (school plan/final report) 2019-2020 School Plan  
2020-2021 (school plan with funding amount included)2020-21 School Plan
2020-2021 (TSSA school plan) 2020-21 TSSA Plan
2020-2021 (SCC council membership PDF) 2020-21 SCC membership

Westvale Community Council Membership 2020-21

Name Member Type
April Gaydosh ( Principal / Director
Laurie Nelson ( Parent
Tiffaney Marquez ( Secretary
Amanda Moon ( Teacher/School Employee
Rebecca Eastman ( Parent
Ryan Parsons ( Parent
Cherylyn Soltero ( Parent
Melissa Stanger ( Parent/PTA president
Garett York ( Assistant Principal/School Employee
Melissa Huff ( Parent
Chelsea Lewis ( Chair (Parent)
Jonnie Knoble ( Vice Chair (Parent)


School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Meeting Dates

*******School and Community Council meeting*******
September 9, 2020 - Click here for agenda /click here for minutes SCC minutes_9_9_2020

November 11, 2020 (cancelled due to lack of attendance) -rescheduled for April 14

January 20, 2021 SCC agenda_1_20

March 17,2021

April 14, 2021

Archived agendas/minutes:
March 25, 2020- SCC agenda 3_25
January 16, 2020- SCC agenda/minutes_1_16
September 19, 2019 SCC agenda/minutes_09_19
September 5, 2019 SCC agenda/minutes_09_5
April 4, 2019- SCC agenda:minutes