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What are School-wide Expectations, Interventions and Supports?

We are committed to the academic and social success of our students at Westvale Elementary. Here at Westvale we have a school-wide PBIS program (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports). This program ensures that students know and understand school expectations. It rewards positive behaviors and reteaches those behaviors to students who may be struggling.

Students who take responsibility to behave positively will be recognized in a variety of ways. Students can earn wolf bucks to use at grade level stores and they have a chance to win the All-Star of the Month Award. Classes can earn Westvale Paws which go towards classroom parties from the administration!

At Westvale, we acknowledge that individuals are not perfect and that mistakes are a part of being human. A mistake gives us the opportunity to reflect and try again. We work with students to solve problems and use restorative practices.

 Westvale PBIS Plan Document

This document describes our PBIS plan in depth. It goes over our "Westvale Paws" and our "Wolf Bucks" and describes how they work.

 PBIS Offense Hierarchy

This document describes our leveled system for behaviors.  It describes when teachers handle Level 1 behaviors themselves (Off Task, Disruptive, Unprepared, Arguing, etc), Level 2 behaviors are handled by the teacher and documented as a "Minor Incident" (Cheating, Lying, Play Fighting, etc), Level 3 behaviors are referred to administration and logged as an "Office Referral" (Serious Threats, Fights, Bullying, etc).

The "Westvale PACK"

At Westvale Elementary School we are:

Positive Leaders - Always Safe -

Caring & Responsible - Kind & Respectful