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Title 1 CSIP Executive Summary

Title 1 School Improvement Executive Summary

Westvale Elementary


      Westvale Elementary has a plan to improve instruction and school engagement for all students.  A complete outline of this plan may be accessed at Westvale’s website ( and in the front office.  Odette Desmarais, the principal will address questions regarding this improvement plan and welcomes feedback and input for school improvement.  

Below is a brief summary of Westvale’s goals for improvement:

        Westvale Elementary students will increase scores by 40% or more in English Language Arts and 40% or more in Math from pre-test to post-test.  

  • Curriculum maps have been created and will continue to be used to guide instruction as well as scope and sequence of the teaching of standards.
  • Grade level teams will create and give common assessments to students on each standard. 
  • Grade level teams will use evidence to plan for targeted interventions for students who did not learn and extended learning opportunities for those that have achieved the intended outcome.  

All K-3 classrooms will meet at least an expected years growth in Dibels. 

  • Small group differentiated instruction will be implemented daily to ensure targeted instruction.  Lesson plans will be posted in our collaborative folder on the Google Drive.  
  • Grade level teams will use the results from progress monitoring to analyze and track how students are progressing toward pathways of progress goals.  
  • W.I.N. time will be built into the master schedule for every grade level as a time for targeted interventions.

Westvale Elementary will reduce the number of inappropriate student behaviors requiring intervention for 10%.  

  • A school-wide discipline plan will be developed and implemented including standardized rules, expectations, along with positive and negative consequences.  
  • Leadership opportunities will be provided for students to promote connection and ownership in the daily running of the school.  
  • Instructional coaches and special education teachers will work with classroom teachers on best practices and effective classroom management/engagement strategies.