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5th Grade


Leader of the Pack-2


  • To provide extended education and personal learning opportunities in areas of special interest.
  • To improve students' written communication skills.


  • Choose 8 goals, one from each area of interest.
  • Keep a journal recording
  1. What you plan to do,
  2. What you did,
  3. How you feel or what you learned.
  • Parents sign off on completion of each goal. Turn completed journal into your teacher by the deadline.

Due Date: Third Friday in May

Art, Drama, Music

  • Perform in a recital, play, musical, concert, or art show.
  • Attend a play, concert, art fair, art exhibit, etc. Record your experience in a journal.


  • Set up a personal goal for reading novels. Your journal needs to include an annotated list and brief paragraph of each book.
  • Write an original story using the writing process.

Personal Investigations

  • Great Brain.
  • Attend Author's Night and read part of your story.
  • Attend a Career Day at your parent's place of employment.

Physical Fitness

  • Design your own fitness program. You will need to follow the program for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Participate in a sport, i.e. gymnastics, dance, karate, team sport, etc. Keep a weekly journal of what you did for practice, games, and events. Include your success, improvements and feelings about the experience for two months.


  • Plan and conduct an experiment using the scientific method, in addition to the 5th Grade Science Fair. Share and report the experiment findings to your class.
  • Prepare a report on a scientist or a science topic of interest. Include a written oral presentation.


  • Design a community service project that requires at least 5-8 hours of your time.
  • Create a kit that could be used for babysitting (games, toys, projects, etc.)

Social Studies

  • Report on a U.S. President of choice. Include a written and oral presentation.
  • Complete a report on Canada or Mexico. Include a written and oral presentation.


  • Publish an original story with graphics using a computer.
  • Produce a video commercial for one of your favorite products.