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3rd Grade

Leader of the Pack-2


  • To provide extended educational and personal learning opportunities in the areas of special interest.
  • To improve students' written communication skills.


  • Select the goals/activities you would like to complete. Limit yourself to two projects per area.
  • Keep a journal recording
  1. What you plan to do,
  2. What you did,
  3. How you felt about the project or what you learned.
  • Ask your parents to sign your journal after you finish each goal.
  • Turn completed journal into your teacher by the deadline:

3rd Friday in May


  • Medallion and Certificate requires a completion of a minimum of 8 goals, preferably one project per area.
  • Ribbon and Certificate requires completion of 6-7 goals, preferably in different areas.
  • Certificate of recognition requires completion of 4-5 goals, preferably in different areas.


  • Memorize 5 poems and recite then to the class with expression.
  • Write an original story and donate it to your classroom library. Ask your teacher for guidelines.

Personal Investigations

  • Complete and present a Great Brain report.
  • Choose three of the seven habits for happy kids (The Leader in Me) and set a goal for each habit. Work on each goal for two weeks and keep a journal of how you  have improved.

Physical Fitness

  • Design your own physical fitness program. Write down your activities and the time you spent exercising. The program should last for three consecutive weeks.
  • Use the food pyramid to design a healthy eating plan. Use the pan to eat healthy for three consecutive weeks. Write down your plans and how they went.
  • Participate in a sports or dance team. Write a weekly journal entry describing what you did. List your successes, how you can improve, and share your feelings for two months.

Science and Math

  • Prepare and present a report on one of the 3rd grade science subjects. (Earth, Moon, Living and Non-Living, Force and Motion, Gravity, or Heat and Light)
  • Design and complete a science project using the scientific method. Share with the class. Ask your teacher for guidelines.
  • Create a game that uses math skills. Include instructions on how to play and how to win. Teach the class how to play.


  • Design a community service project that requires at least 5-8 hours of your time. Write out your plans and record how they went.

Social Studies

  • Prepare and share a report on one of the world's major ecosystems. (desert, plain, tropic, tundra, grassland, mountain, forest, or wetland)
  • Prepare and share a report on one of the indigenous groups of people in the early Americas (Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Great Basin, Southwestern, Arctic, Incan, Aztec, or Mayan)
  • Participate in the school culture fair.


  • Complete an entire month of practicing 5 minutes of Typing Pal, 5 days a week. Log your time in your journal. (You'll learn how to do this in class within the next month)
  • Enter the Jordan School District film festival, which is usually held at the beginning of May each year. Ask your teacher for guidelines.
  • Create and present a PowerPoint presentation on a subject of your choice.

Art, Drama, Music

  • Enter the PTA Reflections contest. Show your entry to your teacher.
  • Participate in or attend a live professional performance: symphony, dance, theater, ballet, opera, etc.