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2nd Grade

Leader of the Pack-2


  • To provide extended education and personal learning opportunities in the areas of special interest.
  • To improve students' written communication skills.


  • Choose 8 goals, one from each area of interest.
  • Keep a journal recording
  1. What you plan to do,
  2. What you did,
  3. How you feel or what you learned.
  • Parents sign off on completion of each goal.
  • Turn completed journal into your teacher by the third Friday in May.


  • Medallion and Certificate requires a completion of a minimum of 8 goals, preferably one project per area.
  • Ribbon and Certificate requires completion of 6-7 goals, preferably in different areas.
  • Certificate of recognition requires completion of 4-5 goals, preferably in different areas.


  • Plan and present an experiment to the class.
  • Do a report on a science topic that interests you and present your findings to the class.


  • Write an original narrative and illustrate it, share your story with your class.
  • Memorize 5 poems, select your favorite and recite it for your class.
  • Do two book projects and present then to your class. your teacher has a list of suggested activities.

Personal Investigations

  • Great Brain
  • Interview your parents and learn about their jobs, then write an informational paragraph and present what you discovered to your class.
  • Use information learned at school to do a project at home, share it with the class.
  • Prepare a display or performance for the Talent Show and enter your work in the show.

Art, Drama, Music

  • Enter the PTA Reflections contest. Share your entry with your teacher and classmates.
  • Attend a museum and write a paragraph about something you learned at the museum.
  • Attend a live performance or watch a performance on T.V. that lasts about 1-2 hours and write about it.
  • Create your own art project (at least 2 pieces) incorporating an art concept learned at school and share it with the class.